Wraf - Web Resource Application Framework

The core module of Wraf is RDF::Service. Wraf will be an internet service with XML program interface and XHTML user interface.

But RDF::Service can also be used separately for any type of application that want to handle data as RDF. RDF::Service comes with an backend interface for storing data in a SQL database. You can construct more interfaces to add functionality, and use as many of them as you like at the same time.

This documentations describes how Wraf is planned to Work. The current working of RDF::Service is documented in the POD that will be converted to HTML in the api directory.

The Goal

Wraf is part of a larger plan to form a specific type of hypertext documentation community (HDC). It will be developed with the goal to implement HDC. We try to balance grand visions for the ultimate system with the practical needs for taking the first step.

Wraf is both the vision of how all information systems (computers) should be, and a clear path toward the realization of this. We are trying to incorporate bold new ways of doing things. But we do it in the simplest possible way, one step at the time.

Table of concepts

Getting started

The building blocks

RDF (model) details

And more